Grace Barcheck


Grace studies ice sheets and earthquakes using whatever fun new tools she can get her hands on, and she is passionate about making geoscience equitable and inclusive for all.

Paula Bürgi


Hi I’m Paula! I am a graduate student in EAS, and my research focuses on using remote sensing data to better characterize surface deformation and properties. I am so excited to be a part of the collective push to create and build an equitable and inclusive culture within the EAS department and for the greater geoscience community. In my free time, I love collecting insects, cooking, and all winter-related activities. 

Kyle A Brill


I am a seismologist working on volcanoes. I participate in IDEEAS to foster a community where every person feels valued and appreciated for their unique selves. In my free time I enjoy reading and hiking.

Kelly Devlin


My research focuses on using satellite radar remote sensing to study how humans affect plant and water resources. I am a passionate advocate for pushing geoscience to be more welcoming and equitable community, especially for the next generation of scientists. I like to spend my free time hiking, doing embroidery/knitting, and snuggling with my cat.

Elizabeth Eiden


Hi! I’m a graduate student interested in what we can learn about volcanoes using satellite remote sensing. I’m passionate about building inclusive and accessible communities and love being a part of the work IDEEAS does. In my free time I like to either get outside, work on a jigsaw puzzle or read.

Douglas Hamilton


I am a first generation, genderqueer, neurodivergent Earth System Scientist. Through participating in IDEEAS I aim to help support, mentor, and foster an inclusive culture of belonging for other LGBTQIA+ and minority individuals in our community. Together I believe we can shape the future of STEM to be a beautifully diverse spectrum inclusive of everyone.