Past Events

IDEEAS Kick-off Party, January 29, 2020: Social event to introduce IDEEAS to EAS, encourage EAS community members to share experiences with each other, and solicit feedback from the EAS community about what IDEEAS should work on in the future.

Virtual bi-weekly brown-bag lunch hour, March-May, 2020: IDEEAS held a twice-weekly virtual lunch over zoom during Spring 2020, after the covid pandemic started. It was an informal space to share quarantine stories, research woes, and casual conversation.

Trivia night, May 28, 2020: Department-wide virtual trivia night to encourage social interaction during COVID lockdown.

Snee Tea Takeover, June 12, 2020: Snee Tea is a weekly informal meeting to socialize with others in the department. IDEEAS did a Snee Tea “takeover”, where we discussed an EDI-related journal article during the regular Snee Tea hour. 

Community Conversation on Systems Thinking: From Structural Racism to Geosciences, June 19, 2020: A 90-minute facilitated community conversation connecting EAS to the sociocultural and institutional systems behind current events. Facilitated by Anthony Sis, Cornell Diversity and Inclusion Training Specialist.

Unconscious Bias: What You Should Know and Why it Should Matter Workshop, June 24, 2020: Presentation followed by small group discussions covering how unconscious bias plays a role in society, earth sciences, and EAS. Facilitated by Anthony Sis, Cornell Diversity and Inclusion Training Specialist.  

Movie night, July 10, 2020: Virtual screening of the epic disaster movie “2012” using Netflix Party + Zoom.

EAS Virtual Happy Hour, July 2, 2020: Opportunity to hang out virtually.

Establishing a Culture of Belonging Seminar, October 29, 2020: A community conversation facilitated by Anthony Sis, Cornell Diversity and Inclusion Training Specialist. We discussed times we did and did not feel a sense of belonging in EAS, and how we can create a more welcoming community together. 

AGU poster presentation, December 9, 2020: Presented a virtual poster at AGU that went through the group’s purpose, structure, challenges faced, and accomplishments (so far) in its first year of existence. 

Spring Semester Kick-off Party, February 16, 2021: Social event to welcome EAS back to the second (mostly) virtual semester of the year and to celebrate the official merging of the earth and atmospheric sides of the department into one building.